Special traditional Catalan cuisine

Can Mach restaurant is more than eighty years old. It has preserved and passed the essence of its simple and delicious dishes from generation to generation.

Some of the specialities of the restaurant are snails with sauce, the famous mountain style rice, the grilled meat and the cured meats.

Can Mach has a wide interior dining hall as well as a large terrace with amazing views to both the countryside and the Sea. It is a perfect place to enjoy the traditional food served by the restaurant while being surrounded by the nature.

We offer the possibility of booking a room for special events, like group meetings, celebrations or conventions.

Schedule :

Open every day from 8h to 22:30 during the week and from 8h to 00:00 the weekends.

Kitchen Schedule :

From 12:00h to 16:00h and from 19:00 to 22:30h during the week and from 12:00h to 16:00h and from 19:00 to 23:00h in the weekends.


RESERVATIONS : +34 972 543 311 / +34 972 544 221


Enjoy our Catalan specialties in family atmosphere.

Can Mach has specialized in the traditional Catalan cuisine. It is distinguished by the huge variety of Catalan traditional dishes that it offers having more than 80 years of experience. The mountain style rice, the wild boar meat, the grilled meat and the snails with sauce are some of the specialities that the restaurant provides to enjoy intense traditional flavours. 

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